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Employee Benefits

Corporate Job Bank is pleased to offer Paid Sick Leave and Medical Insurance to employees. Please see each section below for more information or refer to Corporate Job Bank’s Employee Handbook.

Handbook PDF Download: Employee Handbook

Paid Sick Leave

CJB understands the need for work life balance. All CJB employees are eligible for Paid Sick Leave (PSL) to address circumstances caused by illness of an employee or an employee’s family member, a public health emergency, or domestic violence.

For information regarding accrual rates, please see the “Paid Sick Leave” section in Corporate Job Bank’s Employee Handbook.

To notify Corporate Job Bank of foreseeable PSL use, please complete the PSL Notification Form using the link below, and return it to Corporate Job Bank via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via fax at 480-966-1992 five (5) days before your requested time off.

PSL Request Form PDF Download: PSL Request Form

In the event a CJB employee has the need to utilize PSL for circumstances that are unforeseen, and reasonably do not permit notice, the employee must notify CJB of PSL use as soon as reasonably possible under the circumstances. In such cases, you are required to contact the CJB attendance line with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Client site and supervisor
  • General reason for the unforeseen need to use PSL (specific medical details are NOT needed)
  • Expected duration of the PSL

Failure to request unforeseeable PSL within the period as described above may result in PSL being denied, and the time off being classified as a traditional absence subject to disciplinary action under Corporate Job Bank’s Mandatory Contact and Attendance Policies.

For more information regarding acceptable use of PSL, please see the “Paid Sick Leave” section in Corporate Job Bank’s Employee Handbook.

Medical Insurance

Corporate Job Bank’s Medical Insurance plan has been vetted to provide minimum value under the Affordable Care Act.

At an employee’s time of hire, CJB will determine if he/she will be classified as a variable hour employee or a full-time employee based upon our client’s pre-determined schedule. This will determine the cost of the employee’s medical insurance premiums. For more information regarding medical coverage, please see the “Medical Insurance” section in the Employee Handbook or contact Corporate Job Bank.

Employee Workplace Safety Training

All new employees of Corporate Job Bank are required to view this brief training module on Hazardous Materials, Labelling and Safety Measures. You will sign an authorization as part of your employment package confirming you have watched and understand the material presented in this slideshow.
Information regarding Bloodborne Pathogens can be found in the link to the manual below.

Hazardous Materials Training

BBP Manual PDF Download: BBP Manual