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Client Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of response time does Corporate Job Bank have? +

    We promise to respond promptly to your order, usually within 5-10 minutes and always within 30 minutes. If we do not have a qualified candidate for the position, we inform you.
  • What type of skill testing does Corporate Job Bank administer to its associates? +

    Our automated testing is highly sophisticated and state of the art. We have the capabilities to do a wide variety of testing, from basic spelling and grammar to highly automated word processing and spreadsheet packages.
  • Does Corporate Job Bank conduct background checks, drug testing or check references? +

    Each candidate who applies for work at Corporate Job Bank is subject to a local criminal background check and an in-depth reference check. Drug testing is facilitated based on specific client requirements.
  • Why should I use an employment agency to help with my hiring? +

    Using Corporate Job Bank is a great way to try out a prospective employee to make sure they have the skills necessary to succeed in the position. Another reason is to make sure the candidate "fits" into your company culture. Companies can hire associates on a temporary basis, a temp-to-hire basis or hire them directly from the agency.
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