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2013-12-18, 21:45
Dear Ms. Bennett,

I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a great service you provide to your clients and applicants like me. I truly felt you got more done in a week, than my experience with another local agency did in 2-1/2 months.

I felt your office was very professional, honest and sincere in working to get the best candidate for the job. I felt you "listened" to me rather than just took what was on paper (application/resume/testing) to find the RIGHT MATCH for your Clients and Potential Candidates. The way you listened during our initial Interview was a key part as well as coming across in a positive manner to the prospects that were in the job market; which is a HUGE PLUS when you are unemployed and there is so much competition; it gave me that "light at the end of a tunnel" feeling and a new resolve to my situation. Lastly, you provided follow up, follow up, follow up, in a positive, courteous manner, which in job searching is hard to come in the current job market. Through all my individual job searching, and working the other staffing agency I did ALL the follow up. It was refreshing to have a company keep their word and provide information whether it is a potential job or just to say "hi, I'm still looking for you and we'll find something soon".

I have to admit with my previous experience with your competitor, I was a little "skeptical" as to the service and sincerity I would experience with Corporate Job Bank. But you and your Company came through with flying colors and I truly believe that had my individual search not panned out, you would have found a good match for me in the job market pretty quickly. Another item for feedback is that I didn't know there were staffing services for varying levels of pay and job types like i.e., banking, managerial or labor intense, entry level positions. I thought all agencies took in all applicants and found a match not realizing there were specialty fields, (entry level and higher end jobs). I was referred to a competitor by a large corporation and when they weren't responding in a timely manner or at all, I looked in the yellow pages and that's when I was "educated" on the varying types of staffing agencies and found Corporate Job Bank which gave me a new perspective and renewed energy in my search.

I hope I haven't rambled on but I really wanted to emphasize in detail how important and what an impact the manner in which you deal with people really makes a difference in someone's life. Working with Corporate Job Bank was a great experience, I felt the true sincerity you and your company handled my job search in, and even though the end result wasn't a job/career; the process, service and total experience was something that affected me and was equally important.

I will certainly keep your Company at the top of my list should I be in a position that would contract with staffing services and won't hesitate to refer Corporate Job Bank to family and friends as the need arises.

Tina Bernatz
2013-12-18, 21:45
Dear Corporate Job Bank,

The staff at Arizona State University wishes to thank you for the administrative support provided by your temporary associate. Your associate is professional, efficient and has a delightful personality. We were impressed with her capability to assume responsibility for a project with little supervision. It is most unusual to find a temporary employee with so many positive attributes. Thank you very much for the excellent temporary office support. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Arizona State University
2013-12-18, 21:37
Dear Mr. Kemper,

I wanted to let you know how wonderful your staff is at Corporate Job Bank. We typically have last minute needs and your staff has always been able to find the right person for us in a quick time frame. We will continue to call on Corporate Job Bank to perform its magic when we have a need. We appreciate the relationship we have developed over the years and look forward to working with you soon.


Mortgage Banker
2013-10-18, 00:00
Dear Mr. Boca,

I wanted to start by saying "Thank You" for all of the support your company provides to us on a daily basis. Corporate Job Bank has been and continues to be a true asset to us. Because we are one of the largest financial institutions in the country we have diverse needs and many positions to fill. Our Hiring Managers are very impressed with Corporate Job Banks ability to fill a variety of mortgage and banking positions with highly qualified candidates. No one in Arizona can find the qualified candidates we need like Corporate Job Bank can. Your staffs follow up is outstanding, your ability to fix problems is timeless, and your customer service is relentless. We have found that working with a smaller local company who understands the local climate is a huge advantage for us.

Thank you again for your commitment to our diverse and changing needs. We look forward to growing our relationship for years to come.

Vice President
Retail Operations