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Administrative Assistant Skills List

Administrative assistants do much of the clerical work within a business. For example, they might take part in bookkeeping, communication, making appointments, and more. Because they are in charge of so many tasks, the administrative assistant you hire must have an extensive skill set that qualifies them for the job, even if it is considered an entry-level position.

Here is a complete administrative assistant skills list to help you hire the perfect candidate!

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Verbal and Written Communication

Administrative assistants often handle customer communications, business correspondence, client relations, and greet visitors. In addition, they may write emails, memos, and material for the company website. All in all, much of an administrative assistant’s responsibilities involve communication both internally and externally.


Administrative assistants are often in charge of various calendars, scheduling appointments, and various office tasks. As a result, a candidate must be extremely organized in regards to task management. Additionally, they may be in charge of filing, bookkeeping, or inventory. Therefore, many of their tasks will involve actual organizing.

Skilled with Technology

Administrative assistants tend to use software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel. Additionally, many of them use bookkeeping software. Therefore, it may be beneficial for a candidate to have experience using the same or similar software used at your company. Otherwise, you will have to train the candidate to use said software. Moreover, the candidate needs to know how to operate general office equipment.

Time Management

Because administrative assistants have so many obligations, they will need to be adept at efficiently managing their time. For example, they need to be able to schedule and make various plans in advance. Additionally, they need to be flexible with their time, making sure to give priority to more imminent tasks. This is a vital skill for any administrative assistant.

Detail Oriented

Much of what an administrative assistant does requires attention to detail. For example, they may need to edit small grammar errors or do meticulous data entry. If even minor errors slip by, the customer or client may not be left with the best impression.

Skilled Typist

Administrative assistants are typically required to type around 50 words per minute with complete accuracy. In contrast, the global average typing speed is 39 words per minute. That means a typical administrative assistant needs to be 22% faster at typing than the average person.

Customer Service Skills

In addition to being adept at communication, a good administrative assistant will also have a friendly, pleasant, and professional demeanor to interact with customers or clients effectively. Administrative assistants will often talk with customers over the phone or in person, so they should be a positive talker and an attentive listener.


Problem-solving skills are essential to any administrative position. Often, fellow employees, as well as customers and clients, will come to administrative employees with questions, concerns, and problems. Administrative assistants thus need to know how to handle stressful situations and come up with creative solutions on the spot.

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