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11 Things To Include In a Customer Service Job Description

11 Things To Include In a Customer Service Job Description

What is one thing you should include in a customer service job description? To help you include all the right things in your customer service job description, we asked HR/recruiting professionals and business leaders this question for their insights. From including top-notch communication skills to considering including compensation, there are several things to include in … Read more

12 Salesperson Qualifications That Should Be Required on Resumes

What is one qualification you require a salesperson to have on a resume?  To help sales professionals improve their resumes for better opportunities in the job market, we asked sales and business leaders this question for their insights. From including quantitative success metrics to highlighting technical skills, there are several qualifications and skills to include … Read more

10 Interview Questions for an Executive Assistant

What is one interview question you should ask when hiring an executive assistant?  To help you hire the best executive assistant, we asked business professionals and leaders for their insights. From “describe your preferred management style” to “how well do you handle rapid change,” there are several interview questions you can ask when hiring an … Read more

8 Tips HR Professionals Can Use to Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process

Not paying attention to unconscious bias impacts the diversity and inclusion of your organization and can also stifle progress and innovation within the business. Many organizations concerned with the issues biases can create are becoming more mindful of their recruiting process. They have found that unconscious bias can critically influence hiring decisions. What is one … Read more

8 Steps to Create An On-Demand Staffing Strategy

What is one step companies need to take when creating an on-demand staffing strategy? To help your company create an on-demand staffing strategy, we asked c-suite executives and HR professionals this question for their best advice. From setting clear communication channels to ensuring quality service, there are several steps that may help your company when … Read more

Top 6 Tech Tools For Tax & Financial Professionals

Tech Tools For Tax & Financial Professionals

What is the top tech tool you’d recommend for a tax or financial professional? To help tax and financial professionals find top tech tools, we asked tech professionals and finance experts this question for their best tools. From tools to keep your computer secure to securing yourself within the cloud, there are several technology tools … Read more

Warehouse Worker Job Description: Role and Responsibilities

warehouse worker job description

Warehouse workers are the foundation of any successful business for the crucial duty that they perform each day. Warehouse workers are in charge of much of the inventory in a business. They deal directly with the merchandise, stocking shelves, receiving shipments, and taking inventory, among other responsibilities. Without a warehouse worker, your merchandise wouldn’t be … Read more

Administrative Assistant Skills List

administrative assistant skills list

Administrative assistants do much of the clerical work within a business. For example, they might take part in bookkeeping, communication, making appointments, and more. Because they are in charge of so many tasks, the administrative assistant you hire must have an extensive skill set that qualifies them for the job, even if it is considered … Read more

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions to Ask

administrative assistant interview questions

In an office, administrative assistants are in charge of clerical work, such as correspondence and communication, record keeping, making appointments, and more. Therefore, they play a significant role in the inner workings of a business. In the end, it’s vital to ensure you hire a qualified candidate who will be a successful member of your … Read more