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Top 5 Construction Hiring Agencies

Construction is a difficult job. In turn, it is even more difficult to manage! Finding top talent for construction requires patience and a lot of nerve. Thankfully, construction hiring agencies can handle the heavy load and present you with top-level candidates for the job. Here we list five construction hiring agencies you have to check out.

Find your next employee with these construction hiring agencies

Corporate Job Bank

Corporate Job Bank has been finding top talent for clients since 1985, and they show no signs of slowing down. Construction is just one of the many industries they specialize in, and their pool of talent in it is extensive. If a client is looking for a particular type of candidate, Corporate Job Bank will use its active outreach to deliver. There are many reasons why this staffing agency continues to thrive.

Website: www.corporatejobbank.com

Phone: (623) 209-7270

Pride Staff

Pride Staff knows a thing or two about construction. Regardless of the position you need, they can help you find the talent to fill it. Skilled laborers are regularly submitting their resumes to this company, allowing them to amass a large pool of expertise in this industry. From seasoned project managers to hard-working laborers, Pride Staff can find the right candidate for you.

Website: www.pridestaff.com

Phone: (800) 774-3316

LC Staffing

With over 46,000 candidates, 9,000 clients, and 30 years of experience, LC Staffing can handle your needs. Construction is one of the many industries they specialize in, and they are keen on finding top-talent for it. Based in Montana, the company uses a combination of excellent online outreach and community recruiting to find hard-working people. Clients can expect the staffing agency to perform every time.

Website: www.lcstaffing.com

Phone: (406) 752-0191

Labor Finders

Labor Finders are heavily involved in their community and ensure that they always find the very best talent available. The agency even assists clients with the final interviewing process to secure a great connection. Administrative construction positions are not outside of their reach. Labor Finders has over 200 offices nationwide, and they continue to be one of the premier construction hiring agencies in the country.

Website: www.laborfinders.com

Phone: (800) 864-7749

CCS Construction Staffing

CCS Construction Staffing of Charlotte, North Carolina is a decorated staffing agency providing top-talent in the construction sector. Every position in the industry is covered here and the company’s large pool of talent is impressive. Construction expertise and quality tradesman is what the staffing agency focuses on delivering. Clients can rest assured that they’ll receive nationwide options.

Website: www.staffccs.com

Phone: (704) 561-0053

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These construction staffing agencies have earned their stripes and are more than willing to help clients find top talent. Construction will always demand talented individuals who are willing and able to put in the work. Just like construction is a no-nonsense environment, so too are these recruiting companies when it comes to their goals. Contact one of these agencies today and find the right people for the difficult jobs you need to fill. Top talent does not come easy, but these companies sure make it look as though it does.

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