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11 Courses To Boost Your Career Path


To help you identify the best courses that will accelerate your career path, we asked career coaches and HR managers for their best recommendations. From LinkedIn courses on networking, to Sales Training by David Sandler, there are several courses that you may look into to help boost your career development.

Here are 11 courses to boost your career path:

  • LinkedIn Courses on Networking
  • Accelerate Your Career Growth through a Proven Process
  • Google Certifications
  • Data Analytics Courses
  • Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales
  • Project Management Courses
  • Computer Programming Courses
  • Public Speaking Courses
  • 20 Life Hacks to Inspire You to Excel in Business & Life
  • Sales Training by David Sandler
  • Choosing a Mentor to Accelerate Your Career Path

LinkedIn Courses on Networking

LinkedIn Learning is a great resource for learning new skills that can help give your career the push it needs. Among them, the professional networking courses they have provide a great value for professionals looking to elevate their career. Learning the best strategies for networking can help you with making meaningful business connections that can lead to future opportunities you might otherwise miss. While not as technical as come courses, networking is potentially one of the most important soft skills any professional can have. Networking courses are worth the time and effort. The skills you’ll learn will be useful for years to come.

Boye Fajinmi, TheFutureParty

Accelerate Your Career Growth through a Proven Process

Each person is unique, with a unique set of values, competencies, and skills. What works for one may not work for another. To accelerate your career, you first have to be self-aware to determine the mismatch between where you currently are and your future aspirations. Upon identifying your strengths you then have to move to creating your own future career blueprint and implementing it. For that, you need a course with a proven process. I recommend “Accelerate Your Career Growth through a Proven Process” on Udemy for it tackles all of the above with special tips on how to speed up implementation.

Yara Abboud, YaraWriting

Get Certified by Google 

You’ve got your degree and are excited to start your own life, but you feel you’ve just begun your career. The job market is tough, so you’re looking for ways to stand out and get ahead. One way to do that is to gain an advanced certification. 

Google offers certification in Career Development, in which you get various tutorials like building confidence with self-promotion, landing your next job, improving your soft skills, etc. You can get this course by browsing Google digital unlocked on the search engine. There are many other courses offered by google, like Digital marketing, Data analysis, etc.

Brett Downes, Haro Helpers

Data Analytics Courses 

I recommend taking Data Analytics because it’s the one course that can help you to accelerate your career path in a way that nothing else can. It’s not just a technical skill – it’s a way of thinking about problem solving that will be useful in any field. 

If there’s something wrong with your business model or strategy, data analytics gives you tools to figure out what’s going wrong and how to fix it. If there are opportunities in your industry or market space, data analytics helps you identify them and decide whether they’re worth pursuing. It can also help you optimize your workflow—whether that means figuring out which parts of your process are taking too long or where there’s waste in the system (or both).

Shaun Connell, Connell Media

Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales

A course I recommend to all of my colleagues isn’t in a college classroom but rather an online course I found. It’s called “Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales: Time-Tested Tactics that Prompt Action”. This course helped completely change my writing style within my marketing career and for many of my day-to-day conversations with colleagues, sales prospects, and c-suite executives. I can now tell better stories within my writing, keeping readers engaged throughout the content, which has been crucial to the growth of my marketing career. It’s not just for sales or marketing professionals because when you think about it, we’re selling and telling compelling stories within every part of our lives.

Nick Cotter, Growann

Project Management Courses 

Project management is a great way to learn how to effectively manage people, resources, and timelines. It will also give you the ability to see the “big picture” of projects and understand how all the pieces fit together. This means that when you’re done with the course, you’ll be able to take on more responsibility at work and be better equipped to handle complex projects. And, since project management is a highly sought-after skill, completing a course can also help you stand out from other job candidates.

Brian Meiggs, My Millennial Guide

Computer Programming Courses 

If you’re looking to accelerate your career path, there are a variety of courses you can take to gain the skills and knowledge you need. However, one course that I would highly recommend is an introductory course in computer programming. In today’s economy, nearly every industry relies on computers and software in some way, and being able to understand and work with code can give you a major advantage in the job market.

Even if you’re not interested in pursuing a career in programming, learning the basics of coding can help you to stand out from other job candidates and give you a better understanding of how computers work. With so many businesses moving online, there’s no doubt that learning to code can help accelerate your career path.

Jim Campbell, Wizve – Digital & Affiliate Marketing Agency

Public Speaking Courses 

I recommend public speaking as the most impactful course to accelerate your career path. Public speaking is an important skill to have no matter what industry you’re in, and it’s a skill that can be learned easily. Public speaking is a great way to express yourself, gain confidence, get noticed by others in your company or field, and learn how to communicate effectively with others. It’s also one of the fastest ways to grow professionally because it forces you out of your comfort zone and allows you to see how others react when they hear what you have to say. If you master public speaking skills early on in your career path, it will set the stage for many opportunities later down the line.

Yoav Morder, Sonary

20 Life Hacks to Inspire You to Excel in Business and Life

When thinking about accelerating our career path, most consider taking job-related courses. They’re essential for our development, but they are not everything that matters. Besides professional knowledge, accelerating a career also includes self-awareness, planning, and setting goals. So to achieve those, scroll through the Career Development section at Udemy.

One course I recommend there is “20 Life Hacks to Inspire You to Excel in Business & Life”. Those 20 videos with a 4.6 rate and almost 2,000 opinions can make a difference in your life and career. And as we all know, life and career go hand in hand. The course shows how to find happiness, a sense of accomplishment, and passion. It teaches how to prioritize goals, be confident in decisions and take the career to the next level. Thinking about starting your own business? This course is there for you. No matter what industry you are working in, or how many years of work experience you have, this course is designed to help everyone.

Nina Paczka, Resume Now

Sales Training by David Sandler

In my opinion, every single person on earth should learn at least the basics of sales skills. The truth of the matter is that every job has a small component of selling and the skills related to it are carried over into all aspects of life. I’ve learned how to talk with people and how to communicate with different personalities. I’ve got a better understanding of when to lean into certain talk tracks or when to ask more questions to take control of the conversation versus being more passive and letting other people lead it. I learned how to deal with different opinions or win the attention, time, and cooperation of the most demanding people. Sales skills help at every stage of career development. 

If I have to recommend one course that accelerated my career path it would be ‘Sales training’ by David Sandler. This course shows the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques that will bring you a little bit closer to success in your career.

Tomasz Bartczak, PhotoAiD

Choosing a Mentor to Accelerate Your Career Path

My recommendation is a Course of action. Mark Cuban recently had this to say about the most important lesson of his career, “be a salesperson… When you understand what people need and want, you put yourself in a position to help them,” he said. “Then you make good things happen, close deals and that’s how you create companies”.  In my opinion, we all can benefit from this advice no matter the career path.  To boost your career, find yourself a mentor that is in the career you’re aspiring to get to, or has the skills you strive to encompass in your own career.  Finding a mentor who can accelerate your career can take some work on your part to find the right mentor for you. Take advantage of networking opportunities on LinkedIn to network with others to find a mentor or join mentor groups that help you to connect with others looking for a mentor and those who want to be a mentor.

Sales, Corporate Job Bank

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