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How Do Temp Agencies Work? 4 Things to Know

Hiring and onboarding employees is a long, costly, and often stressful process.

You have to create a job listing, conduct interviews, hire, onboard, and train—the process can take months!

That being said, many companies don’t even need to make a permanent hire. They need someone to work for them on a temporary basis.

Why go through such a long hiring process for just a short-term employee?

That’s where temporary staffing agencies come in!

But how do temp agencies work? Keep reading to find out!

What You Should Know About How Temp Agencies Work

Place of Employment

First, temp employees are workers that are employed by a temp agency but work for you. Nevertheless, you pay the agency and the agency pays the worker.

Typically, this process is less time consuming and more cost-efficient.

In addition, you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring a new employee, training them, or dealing with tedious HR paperwork.

Length of Work

To answer the question ‘How do temp agencies work?’ it’s important to learn about the different kinds of services staffing agencies offer as well as the length of work that is required of each service. These services include the following:

  • Temp work: Employees in this position are normally employed for less than a year for a contracted period of time and work on a specific project.
  • Temp-to-hire: This position is usually 6 months or longer. In addition, there is strong potential for temp employees to be offered permanent work at the end of the contracted period.
  • Direct-hire: Employees that are in direct-hire positions are working with the potential to be hired for full-time work and are put on the company’s payroll.
  • Contract work: Contractors workers sign a contract to provide their services or materials for a specific length of time. Contractors work for you but are not employees at your company.

Temp agencies often offer temporary and temp-to-hire staffing services. On the other hand, a typical staffing agency will offer direct hire, among other services.

Response Time

Temp agencies typically have a fast response time, often placing people the same day or the next day.

Recruiting agencies that offer temp-to-hire or direct hire services may spend more time focusing on the cultural fit of an employee since the worker will stay at the company longer. Therefore, they may spend more time to find a long-term fit for your company.

On the other hand, a temp agency is more focused on getting you the help you need right away.

How do they fill those positions so fast?

Temp agencies have a wide pool of candidates to choose from. According to the American Staffing Association, in an average week, more than three million temporary and contract employees work for staffing agencies in an average week.

Furthermore, in the course of a year, staffing agencies in America employ over 17 million temporary and contract employees!

Opportunity for Permanence

As mentioned, you can offer a temp worker a permanent position at the end of the temporary period.

For example, many times companies will use a temp worker to assist them with a particular project.

At the end of the project’s duration, the company may feel that they would continue to benefit from the worker’s services and thus offer him/her a permanent position.

You are by no means obligated to offer your temp employee a permanent position. However, you have the option!

Partner With a Temp Agency!

Now that you know the answer to ‘How do temp agencies work?’ you’ll have to find a quality agency to partner with!

Many temp agencies have a limited number of industries they place people in. Therefore, you will have to find an agency that offers the services you need.

Corporate Job Bank’s temporary and temp-to-hire staffing services can place quality employees in nearly every industry! As the largest locally owned staffing firm in Arizona, Corporate Job Bank gives customers a personalized experience, finding you the best possible candidate for your company!

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