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How to Hire a Facilities Manager

On the hunt for a Facilities Manager? We have a few tips for you!

Hiring a facilities manager can be difficult! In general, according to the International Facility Management Association, a facility manager manages a company’s most valuable assets like the property, building, and equipment. Facility is a general term; however, it can entail an event venue, convention center, a large distribution center or more. In addition, each facility requires a different set of skills in order to manage them.

With this in mind, finding a facility manager that is experienced and skilled is crucial. Here are a few tips to help you hire a facilities manager!

How to Hire a Facilities Manager

Post a comprehensive job description

The role of a facilities manager is diverse and nuanced. It is important to convey this in the job description. To do this, take the time to write a job description that explains all of the tasks, and responsibilities.

It is also important to make clear on your job description the level of skill and experience that you are looking for. Skills can include specific technical certifications and soft skills like team collaboration. Likewise, if it is an entry-level position or a position that requires five-plus years of experience, make sure that the applicant knows this through the job description before applying. In addition, give the applicant ample information about the company, the goals, and the values. This gives the applicant a good idea of what they are applying for and targets applicants who have similar goals and values. No doubt, these qualifiers will narrow your search pool; however, it will yield higher quality candidates.

Interview the candidate

Candidate interviews have long been an essential part of the hiring process. However, interviewing a facility manager presents its own unique challenges. As said before, the scope of responsibility for facility managers varies within companies and industries. This lack of consistency makes it hard to create a standard set of interview questions for this position.

In this case, it is important to heavily research the candidate and their qualifications in order to gain an understanding of their experience and how your company can benefit. In addition, it is important to take into account your companies goals, mission, and values. All of these factors will help you construct a comprehensible set of interview questions to assess the candidate’s skill set and fit for the company.

Hire a recruiting agency

Hire a recruiting agency that takes into account your companies needs. Hiring a recruiting agency is ideal because they have your best interest in mind. In addition, there are several recruiting agencies, like Corporate Job Bank, that specialize in several industries, have a network of resources, and the expertise to help you find a highly-qualified candidate.

Recruiting agencies take into account your company’s needs and company culture. This extra care is taken to ensure that the candidate is capable of performing the job. Even more, this step ensures that the candidate is a perfect fit for the company! Without this step, the company runs the risk of losing the new hire soon after the search process ends.

These are just a few important steps the anyone seeking a facilities manager should take in order to find the most qualified candidate for their position.

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