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How to Hire a Mechanic

Do you need to hire a mechanic? You’ve come to the right place! A great mechanic can save you time and money in the long run by fixing smaller repairs before they turn into larger issues. Whether you’re looking for an air-conditioner mechanic or a general mechanic for your office building, we’ve compiled the steps necessary for you to learn how to hire a mechanic that fits your needs.

Follow these steps below to start your hiring process.

Fix those annoying leaks and temperamental air conditioning systems with this guide on how to hire a mechanic

1. Define what you’re looking for

The first step in hiring the right commercial mechanic is defining what qualities and experiences you are looking for. What machines do they have experience working on? How many years have they fixed HVAC systems? These are all great indicators that can guide your company towards finding a mechanic that is the right fit. By defining what you are specifically looking for, you can prevent hiring someone that may not be suited for that position. It’s also important to figure out if you need a contractor or a full-time employee. Establish these questions before you start your search.

2. Use online resources

Tools like Linkedin can direct you towards qualified candidates and a quick Google search can help you answer any questions you have about hiring a mechanic. For example, online resources can give you a guide to a general range of pay structures, liabilities, and the kind of experience and education your mechanic needs. Search engines are your friend, so don’t forget to use them! 

3. Check for proper licensing and insurance

The mechanic you hire should always be a licensed professional. Typically, most states require mechanics to have some level of training, as well as required mechanic licensing. Hiring an unlicensed and unqualified candidate is extremely dangerous, and can put your employees at risk. Additionally, consider checking for commercial liability insurance. This will cover any possible injuries or property damage, and protect both your contractor and company. By doing your research and extensive background checks, you can save your company any future headaches.

4. Create an action plan

It’s important to not blindly throw a mechanic in a position without any preparation. Do you have a list of what needs to be repaired or maintained? Are you interested in creating a systematic check so you can know everything is working correctly? Create an action plan and a list of any repairs your company needs. This will ensure a smooth transition and a more efficient job completed. In addition, you should consider what tools your mechanic has so that you can prepare for any additional materials they need to complete the project.

3. Hire an executive search firm

If you do not have prior experience in hiring a mechanic, hiring a staffing agency can save you time and money. Staffing agencies are experienced in finding qualified candidates from their large database and can take over the laborious interview process. Recruiters at staffing agencies are knowledgeable about what each position needs for the right fit. Instead of trying to go through the hiring process, you can continue focusing on what matters for your company. A staffing agency is an invaluable resource for any company.

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The time to act is now: hiring a mechanic has never been easier!

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