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How to Hire a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is one of the hardest jobs to recruit for


Basically, this is because there is a shortage of qualified mechanical engineers and the hiring process is long. Therefore, you might wonder how to hire a mechanical engineer. This article will explain how you can hire the right mechanical engineer for your company while optimizing the hiring process so you can get the best results. Keep reading to find out how to hire a mechanical engineer!

Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Hire A Mechanical Engineer

Create a Detailed Job Description

A job description is a clear outline of the qualifications a candidate must have, as well as the role and responsibilities he or she will carry out while on the job. Your job description should include the following:

  • Job Summary: Mechanical engineers design, develop, install, and manufacture mechanical components. Basically, the job summary will be different depending on your company and what the specific role your mechanical engineer will undertake. Therefore, it’s important that your succinct summary is tailored to what you need.
  • Education and Experience: Mechanical engineers must have a bachelor’s degree (minimum) in mechanical engineering or in a related field. Graduate degrees may be preferred by your company, but not required. Additionally, every state requires mechanical engineers to have licensure. That being said, ensure your candidate has the necessary education, work experience, and has passed necessary examinations to have the correct license.
  • Responsibilities and Daily Tasks: Responsibilities outline the broad tasks the mechanical engineer is responsible for. Daily tasks, on the other hand, are much more specific and outline the smaller responsibilities the employee is responsible for. As with the job summary, the responsibilities and daily tasks should be tailored to your specific company. There are multiple fields in which a mechanical engineer could work, so make sure your responsibilities and tasks are specific to the work you require. 

After you have your job description written up, it’s time to spread the word that you have an open position at your company. The most common place to post your job opening is on a job board website. However, it may be beneficial to also post it on social media, as well as other platforms. 

Identify Talent

Now that you have your job description up and running, it’s time to sift through all the applicants. Carefully peruse candidates’ resumes and cover letters. If a person has the necessary education, experience, and talent, they may be a good fit for your company. 

However, it could be helpful to look beyond the obvious qualifications. Does the applicant’s resume and cover letter have a professional tone? Are there any grammar errors? These subtle indicators may reveal whether or not you are looking at a talented, qualified individual. 

Conduct Interviews

After you have identified the people you want to interview, it’s time to conduct interviews. Write up a list of interview questions to ask a candidate. Use these questions to gauge their professionalism, work ethic, ability to perform daily tasks, and more. These detailed interview questions will help you find the right individuals to hire. 

However, it’s important to remember to tailor the questions to your company. Don’t simply pull a list of questions from the internet. What are your company values? Will this candidate fit that culture? Does this person have experience in the same field as your company, or will you have to provide necessary training? It’s important to gauge these details before making a decision.

Hire, Orient, and Onboard

After you’ve conducted interviews, you’ve no doubt identified the best candidates to consider hiring. If you haven’t found anyone you think would be a good fit, wait. You don’t want to settle for an unsuccessful hire just because you are desperate for a mechanical engineer. Be patient. The right candidate will come along. 

Once you have found a candidate, however, it’s time to hire and train them. Employee orientation may take a week or two, but onboarding may take as much as a year. It’s important to plan out a detailed orientation process so your new employee can learn everything he or she needs to know about your company and his or her position there. Onboarding, on the other hand, integrates the employee into your company’s culture. 

Hire a Mechanical Engineer the Easy Way!

Now you know exactly how to hire a mechanical engineer! However, as you may have noted, the hiring process can be long, time-consuming, and even costly. Luckily, there’s an easier way to hire a mechanical engineer. 

Staffing agencies find talented employees for businesses. Corporate Job Bank, for example, is one of the leading staffing agencies in Arizona. They take the time to get to know exactly what you are looking for in an employee, taking into account your values and goals as a company. Contact them today for more information!

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