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How to Hire an Operations Manager

When you ask people what the most important thing in a company is, many will answer the finances or the branding or something similar. These are all big picture things that are definitely important, but there is one thing people overlook: Operations.

But what are operations?

Operations are the day to day functions of a company, organization, department, or team. They make sure things are running smoothly and successfully. It would stand to reason then that whoever you have in charge of operations is integral to company success, which is why many organizations hire a specific Operations Manager.

But how do you find a good Operations Manager? Read on for our tips on how to hire an Operations Manager!

1. Consult Your Network

Before you even think about creating your job posting, we highly advise coming up with a hard and fast list of requirements that your candidate needs. There is no better way to do this than consulting your network. Go to LinkedIn, and look at the profiles of people who have been Operations Managers, or are Operations Managers now. Make note of their education, their work background, and any specific skills that they have that would be applicable to your company. This will give you a great idea of what your candidate needs to look like, and who knows, you might find your perfect candidate in this search!

2. Create Your Job Posting

Now that you have created your ideal candidate in your head, it is time to articulate that into your job posting. Make sure that you are specific in your wording, and that you include inclusive language to get candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. This job posting will set the tone of the candidates that will end up applying. So make sure it is reflective of your company, your culture, and what you want out of your new recruit.

3. Use an Executive Recruiter

At the end of the day, recruiting for a position as important as an Operations Manager is a difficult and time consuming process. Often your HR team is not equipped to handle the full recruitment process for this position, and that is fine. In these scenarios, an executive recruitment firm is a great tool to use. They are professional recruiters whose bread and butter is placing qualified candidates into the perfect roles. With extensive networks and that expertise, your Operations Manger role will be filled in no time. Make your HR team’s job easier, bring on the experts, bring on the executive recruiters.

By this time, it should be no secret to you that Operations Managers are an important piece of organizations. Hiring them should be treated with care. Following these steps during your next hiring process will set you and your company up for success. Are there any other tips you have for hiring? What successes have you had when hiring an Operations Manager? Contact us and let us know! For related content, see the articles below.

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