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How to Hire Commercial Painting Contractors

The commercial painter you hire will make or break your project. A great one can make a building look amazing, while a not so good one will leave the place looking unprofessional and shabby. While it may be easily overlooked, painting even large buildings requires a lot of attention to detail. Therefore, it’s vital you find the right man or woman for the job!

Below, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about hiring commercial painting contractors. Make sure your project is done right by following these guidelines!

A Simple Guide to Help You Successfully Hire Commercial Painting Contractors

Evaluate the Job

Before starting the hiring process, it’s important to evaluate the project’s demands.  Are you painting the interior or exterior of a building? How large is the area? How many colors will you be using? Painting the exterior of a building, for example, may take longer or require more workers than the interior. Similarly, the more colors and detail work you require will play a part in determining how long the job will take and how many individuals you need working on the job. 

That being said, you must take note of all these things before following through with the hiring process. Is it possible for just one commercial painting contractor to get the job done promptly, or do you need ten? If your job is so large it requires a team of painters, you might consider hiring a commercial painting company. On the other hand, if you would rather hire individual commercial painting contractors, you will need to identify how many you need.

To put it in perspective, a typical commercial painting contractor business will have several painters, support staff, and heavy equipment needed to handle large-scale facilities like shopping malls, apartment complexes, and airports. On the other hand, if you need smaller teams, your best option is to contract the number of individual painters you need. 

Seek Qualified Painters

Now that you know exactly what you need for the job, it’s time to find the right people for the job. If you would rather contract a commercial painting business, you will need to reach out to qualified companies you are interested in. Then, evaluate the costs, time, and other factors to determine the contractor that works best for you. 

If you would like to hire individual commercial painting contractors, you will need to create a job description, post it on job board websites, and conduct interviews.

In both cases, it’s essential to ask the painters about their experience. Perhaps they have a portfolio you can view to see the type of work they do. Overall, it’s important the painter is knowledgable about his/her job and has experience doing work similar to the one at your job site.

In Arizona, for instance, commercial painters are required to have two years of experience under a state-recognized contractor and have a license. Before hiring, make sure the contractors you select have the right qualifications and experience to get the job done right. 

Ask Questions

Whether you decide to hire individual paint contractors or a painting company, it’s important to ask questions to decide who you should hire for the job. You may ask them questions such as the following:

  • How much do you charge? 
  • How long do you estimate this particular job will take?
  • What other similar projects have you completed?

Additionally, you will want to ensure they are licensed and professional. Otherwise, the job won’t be done right. In the end, as you interview candidates or companies, ensure you recruit an experienced team.

Partner With a Staffing Agency!

The easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to hire a commercial painting contractor is to go through a staffing agency. They find you the talent you need in an efficient, timely manner. Additionally, the employees are employed by the staffing agency, which means you don’t have to put the employees on your company’s payroll, provide benefits, or even train them! Pay the staffing agency for the service you need, making it more cost-effective than making a hire yourself.

But which staffing agency should you partner with? Corporate Job Bank is the largest locally owned staffing agency in Arizona, giving them a large talent pool with incredible customer service. They are passionate about your success and will provide you with the commercial painting contractors needed to reach that success. 

To get commercial painters on the job in as soon as a few business days, contact Corporate Job Bank today!

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