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How to Hire Welders

Welding is no easy task, and that means that finding the right person for the job will require your undivided attention. As a business owner, you want to be sure that the person you choose is well-qualified to complete the job. There are many things to consider when hiring a welder. For example, level of education, flexibility, and whether you prefer a contractor versus an employee.

Here are a few tips on how to hire welders to ensure you are getting the best individual.

Things to Look For in a Welder


Of course, the level of welder knowledge here is essential. Employers tend to overlook this aspect of the job, looking only for skills certifications. A great welder should know how to approach the situation professionally and should be an individual that can communicate well. The right candidate will have additional education besides training in the welding position, such as apprenticeships.

In addition, there are several welding-specific conferences and seminars to fine-tune skills that you can look for. The American Welding Society lists many continued education resources for you to reference.


Indeed ability is crucial; this is, after all, a vocational job. Any experience that the worker has is vital. If your prospect can give you some details about their previous posts and how they performed them, this can help you formulate a decision. Implementing a trial period is always a good idea for positions of this kind as you want to be sure the person can handle the workload.

Things to Consider for a New Welder


You should have some level of flexibility when it comes to who you hire. Some welders do take some alternative paths toward the career and can be as skilled as any. Get to know the person you are interviewing and be sure that you are aware of what unique skills they bring to the table. Being flexible can yield the right candidate for the job.

Consider Wage

This is a sought after skill, and that means you need to pay for it. Well-educated welders are hyper-aware of the varying salaries in their area and are quick to turn down an offer if they feel it is cheap. To receive premium work, you need to pay a premium wage. Consider this while you are searching for a candidate. 

According to Payscale, the average hourly wage for welders ranges around $17.71. Meanwhile, the higher end of the spectrum hovers around $25. Of course, experience and location will also affect the expected hourly rate. Additionally, some areas of specialization, such as robotic and pipe welding demand much higher compensation.

Get Advice on How to Hire Welders

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are a great way to relieve some of the pressure of finding the right candidate. Established staffing agencies like Corporate Job Bank have a plethora of resources and industry connections to help you hire an experienced welder. Corporate Job Bank uses a combination of online outreach, community recruiting, and extensive interviewing to achieve your desired end result. 

Contact Corporate Job Bank at 480-966-0709 to start the process of finding a qualified welder.

Job Boards

Job boards can also help you find the right candidate. Posting the position with a clear and detailed description can attract the right candidate. You can pick and choose who you respond to and only line up the very best candidates. There are many ways to make the process a bit more bearable, and this is one of them.

Find Your Welding Candidate!

Hiring a welder isn’t rocket science! There are many approaches you can take to filling this critical position at your company. Get assistance and know what to look for. Be flexible and understand that a great candidate will demand a high salary. Take these tips on how to hire welders or contact Corporate Job Bank to find your next welding professional. Best of luck on your search!