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Top 5 Insurance Staffing Agencies

Are you looking for your next company leader? We may have the solution!

Insurance is an important industry employing countless individuals a year. Firm leaders are on a constant prowl for top-level candidates that can make a difference but finding them is not always easy. For your search convenience, we have compiled here five insurance staffing agencies you need to contact for your talent needs.

Reliable Insurance Staffing Agencies

Corporate Job Bank

Corporate Job Bank specializes in a multitude of industries and understands that insurance is a particularly important one. For over thirty years Corporate Job Bank has been lining up quality candidates for clients, using an amalgam of intense online research and on-the-ground recruiting. Corporate Job Bank understands the needs of your industry and is an excellent option for your staffing necessities.

Website: www.corporatejobbank.com

Phone: (623) 209-7270

Carlton Staffing

Carlton Staffing puts muscle behind their talent search and has been doing so for the last twelve years. Based in Houston and servicing a major part of the Southwest, this company reaches the right candidates. Clients in the insurance industry can fill executive positions here and stay informed of the process from start to finish. Carlton Staffing has been awarded 2018 Best of Staffing Client Diamond and is surely headed for the 2019 crown.

Website: www.carltonstaffing.com

Phone: (713) 850-1352

Insurance Relief

It is all in the namesake. Insurance Relief prides itself in providing insurance companies with the type of people that can change the game. Their recruiting methods expand far beyond their Fresno, California location and focus solely on insurance professionals. Insurance Relief covers entry-level positions up to executive level and mid-career individuals. Clients will notice the extensive efforts of the staffing agency right away and will continue to visit it due to the impressive results.

Website: www.insurance-relief.com

Phone: (888) 292-4440

Sparks Group

Sparks Group is one of the leading staffing companies in the country, and that is because they understand your industry’s core values. By emphasizing fantastic individuals that are not only qualified but who also fit within the culture of your firm, they help create secure connections. Sparks Group knows that great candidates are found through proactive recruitment nationwide.

Website: sparksgroupinc.com

Phone: (301) 926-7800

Frontline Source Group

Meeting the needs of insurance companies for years, Frontline Source Group in Dallas, Texas offers quality prospects. Serving a large part of the Southwest, this company uses job boards and community recruiting in Central Texas to find recent graduates and mid-career professionals. Clients can be sure that this time-tested staffing agency will answer their calls for top-talent.

Website: www.frontlinesourcegroup.com

Phone: (214) 760-7700

Insurance companies often find it necessary to search for new talent daily. Having a firm that is full of individuals who understand the ins and outs of the industry is essential. Contact the insurance staffing agencies listed here and let them shoulder the burden so that you can return to what matters. Each of the selections made here will be sure to help you find talented individuals, ready to work and make a difference. All you have to do is call.

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