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Is Temping the Right Career Move for You?

What is temping? Is it the right career move for you?

The term temping entails work done on a temporary basis. If you’re unsure of your career path or are between jobs, a temporary employment agency might be the perfect solution. Essentially, temp agencies specialize in finding temporary work for people and helping companies fill open positions. They are the medium between employee and employer. In other words, temping is a fantastic option for those who are currently unemployed and need work.

Whether this is a long-term career plan or a means of transitioning into a full-time offer, there are many pros to joining a temp agency.

Benefits of Temping

Gain Experience

If you’re looking to develop a broader skill set, gaining work experience through temping is a great way avenue to explore. At the end of a temporary job, it’s beneficial to add your new skills to your resume and expand your career opportunities. In addition, it will allow you to assess different work environments and determine which is ideal for your lifestyle. In the end, if you are looking for an industry-specific job or a general position, a temp agency can help you find the perfect job.

Network Opportunities

The employer you work for may not have an opening when the temp job ends. However, you should still try to maximize your experience by building connections and leaving with solid references for a full-time job. A solid network can get your foot in the door in an industry you might not have otherwise discovered. Temping can be an easy solution to move into a more lucrative field not only because of the experience you gain, but because of the people you meet.


An additional benefit to temping is the high levels of flexibility, which can be a lucrative option if you value a non-traditional work environment. While temporary jobs used to be shorter stints, it’s become a regular occurrence to work three to six-month contracts instead. One of the greatest benefits of temping is the ability to choose a work schedule that is ideal for you. On the other hand, some temp jobs can lead to long-term career options. Therefore, the flexibility of temping is one of the biggest selling points.

Corporate Benefits

As with any full-time employment, corporate benefits are valuable. Benefits such as retirement, medical insurance, life insurance, and paid time off are just some of the benefits you might want. When working for a temp agency, corporate benefits like paid sick leave and medical insurance are a crucial safety net. Insurance is especially important if you are working in high-risk environments like a construction site. With this said, there are agencies that will provide comprehensive benefits to seasoned temp workers.

Your future begins now!

If you’re in between jobs or venturing into a new career path, join a temping agency today! Luckily, the experts at Corporate Job Bank can fulfill your job needs with their industry connections and experience. Contact Corporate Job Bank today for a step in the right direction.

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