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Rapid Hire Success:

Filling 115% of Client’s Staffing Needs in 90 Days

Expanding a business is a milestone that represents growth and innovation. It’s a bold step towards new achievements and future success. Although it can provide companies with new opportunities, a business expansion can also bring challenges they must address.

Our client, a global industrial field services company operating on five continents with over 12,000 employees in 100 countries, needed to staff their new location

and expand their business operations. However, even with a team of talent acquisition experts, they still faced challenges in recruitment. 

Through Corporate Job Bank’s Rapid Hire Solution, we were able to meet their deadlines and staffing requirements. With swift and specialized staffing solutions, we built the workforce of their new facility, allowing them to reach their staffing goals and beyond.


The dilemma was simple yet challenging to complete: Staff a new facility in Arizona within a 90-day timeframe. Although they had a dedicated team for recruitment, their prior engagements and responsibilities hindered them from successfully hiring for this new location. They needed a third-party service provider capable of bringing in the resources to accomplish such an intensive project within a very tight deadline.

Instead of constraining their internal talent acquisition team to meet their new facility’s demands and risk

affecting their global operation, they outsourced the task to us. Considering both the timeline and importance of staffing their new facility, our experienced and specialized talent acquisition teams provided the support they needed.

We didn’t set out to simply meet the standard requirements – our team also ensured to provide a diverse workforce capable of sustaining their new facility’s operational readiness within a stringent timeline.


To successfully hire professionals before the deadline, we meticulously designed a plan specific to our client’s needs. This comprehensive approach includes six key phases tailored to fill a diverse range of technical and logistical positions within the 90-day timeframe. 

We began with a thorough analysis of our client’s requirements for the new distribution center they were building. From electricians, tooling technicians, industrial maintenance techs, and logistics specialists to project coordinators, we identified the roles our client needed to fill their open positions. Based on the results of our assessment, we developed a customized recruitment plan with their national HR leadership. This allowed us to construct a detailed recruitment plan for marketing, candidate screening, and event coordination.

We put together a specialized recruitment team to successfully acquire the level of talent our client expected Our years of experience allowed us to form the perfect team capable of accomplishing the extensive hiring program. It consisted of a senior team leader with 25 years of experience at the VP level, an experienced service coordinator, several talent acquisition specialists, a project manager, and onsite support staff to manage and plan the hiring events. 

Once we formed our team, we began reaching out to candidates using a mix of digital and traditional marketing strategies. We launched a campaign designed to attract the right fit for our client. To do this, we highlighted the benefits of working at our client’s new facility, what they’ll expect, the benefits, and the growth opportunities they’ll have access to.

After attracting professionals, our team implemented a rigorous screening process. We conducted extensive background checks and verified each candidate’s skills using technical assessments and behavioral interviews. 

Coordinating with both local facilities and our client’s internal teams, we secured dedicated event locations to meet with candidates. This included all management and logistics processes needed to provide a seamless experience for candidates. As for their international teams, we consulted on how we could align and execute the program efficiently.
By learning their internal process and recruitment preferences, we were able to design a unique program for our client that resonated with their brand image. 

This strategic process aimed to build a qualified and diverse team for our client. More than just filling open positions, we also provided ongoing support post-hiring to meet the needs of the new hires. This smooth transition helped them integrate with our client’s operational responsibilities and align their personal values with the client’s. Using this step-by-step process, we aimed to meet the immediate staffing needs of our client while also establishing a foundation for sustained operational success. 


Our commitment to providing our client with tailored recruitment experience proved successful as we filled 115% of their open roles. Motivated by our desire to contribute to the success of their new facility in Arizona, we found professionals who had the depth of talent necessary to contribute to the company’s current success and future growth. We also ensured that each new hire was a good fit for our client’s long-term goals and values.
Despite the challenges associated with staffing an entirely new facility, we achieved an impressively low turnover rate of only 8% within the first 60 days. This was the direct result of our dedicated effort to match the right candidates with the positions that fit their capabilities. It also reflects the effectiveness of our decision to consider a professional’s cultural fit with our client’s dynamic environment.

The success of this project highlighted our ability to understand and meet the needs of both our clients and new hires. The low turnover rate was a testament to our recruiting strategies’ effectiveness. Specifically, the extra effort we exerted to get to know each professional served useful in matching the right roles to the right people.

The success of this project highlighted our ability to understand and meet the needs of both our clients and new hires. 


The results of this project created a benchmark for excellence. Our client’s national leadership highly recognized our efforts. In turn, this project not only solidified our reputation as a trusted partner in talent acquisition but also prompted our client to keep in touch for future collaborations, such as their expansion in Atlanta

I'm excited about applying the insights and strategies we honed in Arizona to future projects, continually refining our approach to meet the evolving challenges of talent acquisition in dynamic industries.

- Morris Jessup,

VP of Operations at Corporate Job Bank

This project became a rewarding experience as we witnessed how our efforts contributed to creating a stable and motivated workforce from square one. Through our Rapid Hire Solutions, we can continually refine and improve our approach to talent acquisition. By providing tailored solutions to our clients, we can deliver unparalleled expertise to each project we undertake, showcasing our unmatched dedication to our craft.

From industrial field services to semiconductor manufacturing to global manufacturing industries, we are thankful to our clients who continuously choose us as a go-to partner for their staffing needs. Corporate Job Bank aims to offer fast, valuable, and customized full-service hiring. We aim to support companies in reaching their milestones by helping them hire professionals who possess the skills and experiences they need.

If you are looking for a high-performance team to help you achieve ambitious goals, contact us today at salesteam@corporatejobbank.com to learn more about how we can help.

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