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Best 5 Temp Agencies for Housekeeping

Temp agencies for housekeeping can take a weight off your shoulders. Quality housekeeping is not often an easy position to fill. You need reliable people, preferably with plenty of experience. Temp agencies can get you the work you need for the period you need. Here we list five temp agencies for housekeeping that can be a big help.

Hire a quality housekeeper with these temp agencies for housekeeping.

Corporate Job Bank

With decades of experience, Corporate Job Bank has matched thousands of clients with trustworthy and reliable talent. This staffing company specializes in a variety of niches; however, have found great success in the hospitality industry. Through their extensive search process, CJB is able to source and identify individuals who meet industry standards and fit well into your company culture fast. Contact Corporate Job Bank today to find out how they can assist your recruiting efforts.


Phone: (623) 209-7270

CSI Professional

CSI Professional has an array industry connections to source the best talent for their clients. Even more, housekeeping and hospitality are two of the main industries it focuses on, and their clients include both residential and commercial properties. If you need to find someone that can handle the workload at home for a short period, CSI Professional has you covered. They will match you with top-talent in your area.


Phone: (800) 582-0828


PrideStaff uses the latest recruiting techniques to find top talent in the state and beyond. Above all, hospitality is its specialties as they service major hotels and large residencies in California. Because of their experience with large chains, PrideStaff has a unique insight into what top-notch candidates look like. Likewise, candidates are thoroughly vetted for experience, reliability, and trust.


Phone: (800) 774.3316

Ultimate Staffing Services

Ultimate Staffing Services has your best interest in mind when it comes to hiring qualified talent. This housekeeping staffing agency ensures that their candidates are not only qualified to do the job but also identify with and understand your company’s mission and values. In addition, the agency works hard to ensure that the potential candidate fits your company culture. By contacting this staffing agency, you give yourself the best shot at finding the right candidate.


Phone: (714) 939 – 8600

LC Staffing

LC Staffing is based in Montana but has an impressive online influence that allows it to get top talent for clients across the country. Hospitality is among the industries they serve, and they understand that it is a people business. The temp agency ensures that candidates qualified and meet their client’s criteria through a rigorous milt-step process that vets the individual’s experiences and qualifications. In addition, LC Staffing keeps the client informed at all times about the recruiting process, ensuring peace of mind from start to finish.


Phone: (406)752-0191

Finding the right help that meets your particular housekeeping needs can be stressful. Find peace of mind when you entrust your hiring tasks in one of the talented hiring companies on this list that are invested in the success of your company.

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