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Top 5 Clerical Staffing Agencies in Phoenix, AZ

Looking To Partner With A Clerical Staffing Agency in Phoenix? Look No Further!

There are many ways to fill open positions in today’s market. Unfortunately, many of those options take lots of time and money. Instead of wasting your valuable resources, partner with a staffing agency! By leveraging their extensive network and skills, you can find the perfect candidate in no time at all! If you are located in the valley, we have done extensive research and identified the top 5 clerical staffing agencies in Phoenix, AZ. We highly recommend partnering with them if you are looking for professional  employment services.

Top 5 Clerical Staffing Agencies in Phoenix, AZ

1) Corporate Job Bank

Corporate Job bank is the #1 locally owned staffing firm in Arizona! Moreover, they have 2 offices conveniently located in the valley. Since 1985, they have served over 1,000 companies and placed 50,000 employees. Over the years, they have expanded their offering to service a variety of industries! Another notable aspect of their business is that they partner with many nonprofits in the community. If you are interested in how they can help your business, reach out to them.

Website: https://corporatejobbank.com

Phone Number: (480) 966-0709

2) Frontline Source Group

Frontline Source Group is one of the fastest growing Phoenix Temp Staffing Agencies. Primarily, they focus on filling positions in call centers and administrative roles. Moreover, they are a member of the American Staffing Association! Because of this membership, you can trust they will follow all ethical standards. If you want to learn more about Frontline, contact them!

Website: https://www.frontlinesourcegroup.com/phoenix.html

Phone Number: (602) 281-6591

3) Renaissance Personnel Group

Founded in 1994, Renaissance is woman owned and experienced in a number of professional disciplines. Because of their highly tenured recruiters, they have a 94% placement retention rate! As a locally owned boutique, they understand the intricacies of the Phoenix job market. This is great for local businesses! If you are interested in their services, click to learn more.

Website: https://www.renaissancepersonnel.com

Phone: (602) 263-5100

4) Allegiance Staffing

At Allegiance Staffing, their #1 goal is to supply a skilled labor force. As a result of their services, clients benefit from reduces turnover and labor costs. Another benefit of working with them is their vast network! With 30 locations in 14 states, they have a vast supply of talented professionals to choose from. For more information, contact Allegiance Staffing.

Website: https://www.allegiancestaffing.com

Phone: (602) 252-4000

5) Accurate Placement

Accurate Placement is a full-service employment agency with over 22 years of experience. Because of their longevity in this business, they know how to help you! Moreover, they provide consulting for businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for a partner who is known for honesty, Accurate Placement is an excellent option. Contact them to learn more!

Website: https://accurateplacement.com

Phone: (602) 678-0144


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