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Warehouse Worker Interview Questions

An ever-growing online economy and expanding traditional warehousing needs mean that the demand for hiring warehouse workers is at an all time high. From order fulfillment centers to refrigerated grocery warehouses, the need for workers extends across almost all industries. With the economy strong and unemployment low, it isn’t always easy to attract extra help.

Traditionally, warehouse positions don’t require a robust interview process due to on-job training and the varying technologies each company uses. However, even if talent is scarce and the job doesn’t require much prior experience, screening candidates remains important. Job training is time consuming and costly. This is why employee retention is so important in ensuring processes continue to run smoothly and profitably.

Not all candidates have the same long-term goals and capabilities. By implementing warehouse worker interview questions in the application process, you can better choose your team.

Whether you’re hiring for order pickers, packers, or receivers, these warehouse worker interview questions will help you better understand candidates.

Don’t Forget to Ask These Essential Warehouse Worker Interview Questions

How flexible is your schedule? Do you need consistency or the power to choose hours?

Inflexible hours can discourage workers long-term, especially if they have family matters outside work. Ask questions depending on your warehouse policies. For example, if you offer the power to choose shifts, see if the candidate prefers consistency or varied schedules. Do they prefer four 12 hour days or shorter hours?

What are some methods you find effective for time management?

Warehouse workers are always on the clock to fulfill tasks according to schedule. Because of the interconnected nature of warehouse logistics, a single worker falling behind may cause delays for the whole company. Ask warehouse worker interview questions that explore how the candidate works under pressure. Additionally, what methods do they personally use to keep on track?

Have you worked in a multicultural environment?

Warehouses have increasingly diverse workforces that vary in literacy levels, cultural background, and language. Because warehouses require a high level of teamwork to meet goals on time, being able to harmoniously in a diverse environment is critical. Candidates should have some experience working with diverse individuals or at least express tolerance and a willingness to learn.

Have you worked a job where you’re constantly on your feet?

Warehouse jobs are physically taxing. Is the candidate prepared to walk around for hours at a time? Is he or she physically able to complete the tasks asked of them? In addition, discuss what the candidate knows of warehouse worker expectations.

What is your experience with inventory tracking technology and warehouse equipment?

While each warehouse varies in technology and software, familiarity with any type of inventory tracking equipment helps. Does the candidate have any transferable knowledge to speed up the training process?

Hiring a high-volume of warehouse workers can be challenging. Above all, asking the right questions can help identify the right workforce to meet your warehousing needs. However, what happens when you’re not receiving enough applications? An industrial staffing company helps source talent for a range of warehouse positions like order selectors, material handlers, and inventory control.

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