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Welding Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

No doubt, welding is a unique position to interview for! Because of a welder’s particular responsibilities and skill-set, general laborer interview questions such as What kind of environment are you most comfortable in? doesn’t assess the candidate’s full capabilities in the workplace.

When interviewing welding candidates, the questions must be pointed at specific aspects of the job. For example, instead of asking where a candidate went to school, a hiring manager might ask about the candidate’s strongest and weakest skills in welding.

Determining the appropriate welding interview questions for your candidate can be a difficult process. To resolve this issue, we’ve compiled a few questions that spark inspiration for further conversation about a welding candidate’s qualifications.

Welding Interview Questions for Hiring Managers to Ask

Whose responsibility is on-site safety?

Above all, on-the-job safety is paramount in the work environment. Establishing safety knowledge and precautions is a vital component of the interview process. In addition, this question gives the candidate the opportunity to speak about their safety certifications and experiences where they’ve had to practice on-the-job safety regulations. To protect you and your staff, ensure that your candidate has a solid safety knowledge.

What technical experience do you have?

The applicant’s experience should be highlighted on their resume and cover letter. However, this question allows interviewers to gain a better understanding of the extent of their work. After all, it is easiest to place a line item on a resume. This question forces the interviewee to speak in depth about different skills that they’ve employed to fulfill their role in a project. If the candidate struggles to answer this question, ask follow-up questions to spur further conversation.

What is your strongest quality and how does it help you as a welder?

This welder interview question assesses the candidate’s leadership capabilities and skill level. In this case, the candidate identifies their best assets and explains to the interviewer an asset that may be valuable to the company. The answer to this question is unique to each candidate. Are they a leader or a team player? Do they have a rare skill? Take the time to gauge how their quality might fit in with the rest of your company.

Tell me about a challenge that you’ve encountered at work and how you resolved it?

This behavioral question allows the interviewer to assess the applicant’s ability to identify challenges and use resources and prior knowledge to solve the issue. After all, the candidate may be under supervision in the workplace or at the job site; however, they must be able to address and make informed decisions about their work. Be wary of candidates who are unable to answer this question.

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Welding is a unique position to interview for. Start with these questions to gain a better understanding of the candidate’s skills, certifications, and experience.

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