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You will be redirected to the Masis Job Board to browse available jobs and apply online through the CJB Avondale and Tempe branches.

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Top-notch talent, dream workplaces, an unbeatable hiring process, and the ideal job match—that’s what you get with Corporate Job Bank.

As the #1 locally-owned staffing agency in Arizona, we are unwavering in our commitment to curating intelligent placements that seamlessly align with both employers and candidates. We champion you, ensuring every match complements who you are, and what you strive for.

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We continuously adapt our products and processes to match the unique and evolving needs of both our clients and candidates. This commitment ensures consistently superior outcomes that exceed expectations.

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Over the years, we’ve learned a powerful truth: people are the heart of every successful partnership.
That’s why our every effort is dedicated to building exceptional connections founded on trust and respect.

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