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160 Hires in 7 Months:

Corporate Job Bank's Success in Tackling Talent Challenges 

While the current labor market is filled with exceptional candidates, many organizations compete for top talent, and unexpected events make talent acquisition more demanding. Workforce shifts since the pandemic have resulted in increased market volatility, making it even more difficult for many of our clients to find suitable labor. Recently, a leading global manufacturer intended to expand their regional workforce; here's how Corporate Job Bank helped their organization become fully operational, despite the competitive world of staffing and economic challenges.


A manufacturer of luxury consumer appliances needed to upscale its workforce in preparation for its new third shift work schedule strategies. This client needed to hire, onboard, and train approximately 160 professionals to fill their open positions within 7 months.  

Because of the pandemic’s impact on the labor market, our client and many other companies worldwide experienced labor shortages, leading to fiercer competition among organizations to acquire qualified candidates. The prevailing economic conditions had led to skyrocketing pay rates that ultimately increased hiring costs. On top of these concerns, our client could not expand their HR team for what was a short-term project.

Our team efficiently addressed staffing needs for a similar project in 2012 that involved setting up a new distribution center. Through our Rapid Hire services and temp-to-hire model, we supplied 80 skilled individuals to meet their urgent staffing requirements, helping them achieve the broader objective of establishing a strong and enduring workforce. Between that time and the present, we consistently supplied the client superior staffing services for hundreds of open roles. 

As a result, the manufacturing company opted to enlist our services instead of pursuing independent hiring and expanding their HR capabilities.


For four decades, Corporate Job Bank has operated under the belief that people are at the heart of innovation and service. Leveraging a database of over 100,000 high-caliber candidates, we excel in swift hiring processes to fill positions efficiently at a competitive rate. 

To successfully recruit 160 employees, we initiated a comprehensive marketing campaign to engage candidates.  

Aside from our marketing efforts, we also worked hard to streamline the entire hiring process. We started by creating a specialized team of four, guided by a Senior Manager with 25 years of industry experience, to coordinate and manage the entire hiring process.  

Our agency developed a comprehensive multi-step screening process to evaluate candidates thoroughly and find top talent. The Corporate Job Bank team also conducted multiple rounds of interviews, thoroughly verifying each candidate’s educational acumen and personal background. Once they passed the initial interview conducted by our team, they went through the client’s specific assessments to ensure job fit.


Corporate Job Bank successfully staffed the client’s third-shift workforce with the holistic approach of combining traditional and innovative recruitment strategies. Our client was able to hire 160 personnel in a short and difficult time frame.

Our recruitment team was able to adapt to the changing circumstances. We utilized the extension, which allowed our client to onboard and develop their new hires thoroughly and effectively, enhancing the skills and knowledge of the new workforce. The project was completed successfully within eight months through careful collaboration, ultimately fulfilling the client’s staffing needs by the amended deadline. Despite the rapid hiring scale and challenging labor market conditions, the project achieved an impressively low attrition rate of 18 percent over the first 90 days. The client even plans to replicate our hiring model for their future projects and new facilities.

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With our detailed recruitment strategies and hiring processes, Corporate Job Bank successfully ramped up our client’s workforce within a short time frame. Even when faced with unexpected challenges, our commitment and motivation to make a project successful aided us in providing a stable workforce for our client.

Overall, our efforts contributed to the successful implementation of the project and resulted in the following:

Enhanced Operational Capacity: Successfully meeting client’s staffing requirements significantly increased their capacity to create the products they offer.

Reduced Turnover Rates: The low attrition rate indicates effective hiring practices, creating stability and reducing turnover and rehiring costs.

Training and Development Opportunities: Thorough onboarding and skill development enhanced the new workforce’s overall skill level and efficiency.

Boost in Employee Morale and Engagement: Our project’s success positively influenced employees through constant staff support and commitment to effective scaling efforts.

Opportunities for Future Projects: The project’s success opened doors for future hiring initiatives and improved our strategic development, making future endeavors more efficient and effective.

Strengthened Client-Agency Relationship: By overcoming obstacles and meeting expectations, we have proven our capability to fulfill our clients’ goals.

At Corporate Job Bank, we prioritize your goals and aspirations above all else. With our extensive experience and expertise in staffing, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We are committed to providing top-notch staffing solutions and addressing any challenges that may arise along the way. You can trust us to be your reliable partner, supporting you at every stage of your journey.

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