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Accelerating Time-to-Fill: How CJB Redefines Recruitment Speed 

Finding the right candidate that fits the role can be challenging, especially when you need them to start their employment as soon as possible.

Corporate Job Bank’s Rapid Hire model is redefining recruitment speed and efficiency to directly address these challenges. CJB can help businesses fill job openings fast while maintaining a competitive edge in the job market.


Recruitment Challenges Recruiters and Employers May Encounter 

Finding the right people to fill your vacancies can come with challenges. Here are some of them that you may recognize:


1. Complicated Recruitment Process

Efficient communication, seamless candidate evaluations, and real-time progress tracking are crucial components of a streamlined recruitment process. Coordinating these aspects can be challenging for recruiters.

Administrative tasks, such as scheduling interviews, often consume valuable time that could be better utilized to coordinate the hiring process and ensure a positive candidate experience.


2. Time-to-Fill

The urgency to fill vacant positions promptly is paramount, as delays incur costs and can disrupt operations. However, depending on the industry, the hiring process can extend over several months, creating pressure for recruiters and causing frustration among hiring teams. Lengthy hiring periods may stem from a scarcity of qualified candidates, an excessively prolonged process, or disagreements among hiring teams, resulting in top candidates securing alternative employment.


3. Finding Qualified Candidates

Navigating a pool of unqualified talent poses limitations when seeking the ideal candidate. Choosing the best available person at the time, rather than the most suitable fit for the job, becomes a common challenge. The emphasis should not solely be on the number of applicants. Instead, focus on smaller, more qualified talent pipelines to secure the right individuals for the job.


4. Competition with Other Recruiters

Multiple recruiters frequently approach top-tier candidates, making it challenging for most companies to stand out. Additionally, candidates possessing rare skills often entertain numerous job offers simultaneously. Effectively persuading passive candidates to choose your company over competitors requires extra effort and strategic engagement tactics.


5. Lack of Data-Driven Recruitment

Leveraging recruitment data and metrics for continuous improvement and informed decision-making is a valuable practice for companies. However, data collection and processing can be cumbersome. While spreadsheets are common methods for tracking hiring data, they require manual effort, are prone to human error, and may lack compliance. An efficient and streamlined approach to compiling and organizing data is essential for accurately tracking trends and insights.

You can organize your data using an applicant tracking system (ATS) and other recruitment tools. According to Jobscan, 97.4 percent of Fortune 500 companies use ATS in 2023.¹


6. Maintaining Fair Recruitment Practices

Many organizations grapple with attracting and hiring diverse candidates, often due to unconscious biases. Beyond legal obligations to provide equal opportunities, adopting objective hiring practices benefits businesses by ensuring the selection of the best candidate without the interference of stereotypes.

Demonstrating a commitment to fairness creates an inclusive workplace, portraying the organization as a meritocracy and allowing it to reap the positive effects of diversity.


7. Ensuring a Positive Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is vital for employer branding and influences how top candidates perceive job offers. The treatment candidates receive during the hiring process mirrors the prospective post-hiring relationship. Negative experiences or poor communication methods diminish the likelihood of candidates accepting offers, while positive interactions enhance the employer brand and encourage quality candidates to apply for job openings and accept job offers.


8. Establishing a Robust Employer Brand

According to LinkedIn, 75 percent of job applicants consider an employer’s brand before applying for their job opening.² A strong employer brand can also reduce turnover by 28 percent and cost per hire by 50 percent.

A positive employer image is instrumental in drawing in and connecting with high-caliber candidates. Companies that dedicate resources to shaping their employer image can bring on board exceptional talent.


Corporate Job Bank’s Rapid Hire: The Solution to Your Hiring Needs 

Our Rapid Hire solution may be the key to solving your urgent hiring needs. Here’s what you need to know:


Why Choose Corporate Job Bank?

Since 1985, we have learned that people are one of the core components of a business, and we adhere to this concept intimately. As the number one locally owned staffing agency in Arizona, our purpose is to enable you to build remarkable partnerships.

We customize our offers to meet your specific and ever-changing needs, as we believe this will lead to consistent and superior results.


Who Is Rapid Hire For?

Rapid Hire is great for businesses seeking entry-level or semi-skilled positions in various industries such as Manufacturing and Warehouse, Customer Service and Call Center, and Ramp-ups or Seasonal Hiring.


How Can Corporate Job Bank’s Rapid Hire Be the Solution for You? 

Here’s how Rapid Hire works to make your hiring process more efficient:


1. Reduce time-to-fill by up to 80 percent.

Finding the best candidate to fit your opening can take up to 43 days on average.³ With Corporate Job Bank’s Rapid Hire solution, you wait less than one day from the time you contacted us to find out if we have the right candidate for you.


2. Onboard your new employees within 72 hours.

Once we have selected the right candidate to fill your opening, we can start onboarding them within 72 hours. This 72-hour onboarding includes an interview with the candidate and a full-service customized screening.


3. We guarantee replacements.

We understand that sometimes things won’t work out the first time. No need to worry; we guarantee a replacement, typically within 30 days. This guarantee also depends on the interview agreement and the type of role.


4. Gain access to more talent.

Our talent network is incredibly vast, and people trust our team. Obtain access to a curated pool of temporary, permanent, and temp-to-hire employees.
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5. Pay only an affordable flat fee.

Save more when you choose to partner with Corporate Job Bank for your hiring needs. All you have to pay is a standard flat fee. That means no salary percentages or markups!


Partner Up with a Dedicated Staffing Firm 

Partnering with Corporate Job Bank offers a strategic advantage in expediting your hiring process. We specialize in talent acquisition, leveraging vast networks and expertise to swiftly identify and connect your business with qualified candidates. With our comprehensive understanding of industry trends and recruitment dynamics, our teams streamline the hiring timeline, reducing the burden on your internal HR department.

This collaboration not only accelerates the acquisition of top talent but also ensures a seamless and efficient recruitment experience. Embracing a partnership with our staffing firm proves instrumental in meeting workforce demands promptly and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment.



There’s no need to wait for the right candidate! Fill your vacancies fast with Corporate Job Bank. We’ll take care of the recruitment so you can focus on other crucial responsibilities within your organization.

Be one of over 1,000 satisfied clients we have by partnering with our experts. Let us know which industry you are hiring for. We cover call center/customer service, banking, accounting, engineering, finance, office, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and more.

Contact us today, and we guarantee a rapid response to your inquiries.



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