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Top 5 Manufacturing Recruiting Firms

In the manufacturing industry, highly talented employees are mandatory!

You want your products and services to be manufactured properly. Therefore, it’s vital that you find employees who are experienced, talented, and educated.

What’s the best, most effective way to find manufacturing employees? Through a recruiting firm!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top manufacturing recruiting firms that are sure to provide you the talent you need!

Partner with One of These Top Manufacturing Recruiting Firms!

1.) Corporate Job Bank

Founded in 1985, Corporate Job Bank is the largest locally owned staffing agency in Arizona. They are dedicated to matching talented individuals with companies in need of that talent. They are passionate about placing the perfect manufacturing employee with companies. Moreover, their efficient operations enable fast, timely placement -usually within one or two days.

In the end, Corporate Job Bank is committed to your success. Contact our number one manufacturing recruiting firm today for more information!

Phone Number: (480) 966-0709

2.) JMJ Phillip

JMJ Phillip is one of the leading recruiting firms when it comes to manufacturing executive searches. This agency truly understands the manufacturing industry, equipping them with the ability to successfully identify the top 5% of talent in the manufacturing industry. So, what does that mean for you? It means you are guaranteed the best! Moreover, JMJ Phillip knows exactly how to onboard new candidates so you are matched with employees who are prepared to bring you the best results.


Phone: (877) 500-7762

3.) Lucas Group

Lucas Group has a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry’s evolution as well as keen insight into its future. In addition, this top manufacturing recruiting firm personally helps you hire the talent you need. They do exhaustive research on each candidate so they can help you solve your current recruiting problems and achieve long-term success. Basically, this agency knows exactly how to help you achieve your goals through their advanced recruiting processes.


Phone: (800) 466-4489

4.) Search Solutions

Search Solutions specializes in recruiting for manufacturing management roles. They are always on the move to stay current, optimizing their services and operations to ensure you get the manufacturing management services you need. Moreover, the Search Solutions team believes that building strong relationships with candidates and clients is a vital factor in making successful placements.


Phone: (833) 774-4473

5.) TruPath

TruPath is a leading manufacturing executive search firm that believes in personalizing each match so you are guaranteed a talented candidate who matches culturally within your business. That being said, they build strong partnerships with companies by understanding the functions and dynamics surrounding your manufacturing department. Overall, TruPath offers effective recruitment services that are sure to meet your company’s goals.


Phone: (844) 878-7284

Contact One of These Top Manufacturing Recruiting Firms!

With so many amazing manufacturing recruiting firms to choose from, you are sure to get the talent you need in a timely manner. Don’t hesitate to contact one of these top agencies today!

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