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Best 5 Temp Agencies for Construction Workers

Being one of the most reputable construction companies comes with a lot of responsibilities. In the construction industry, great workers are often the ones who shoulder a large part of the responsibility. As a result, your team will make or break the quality of work. However, with temp workers, it is difficult to maintain a consistent level of quality control around the clock.

In this case, using one of the best temp agencies for construction workers is a valuable solution to ensure your company’s standards and values are met.

Find The Best Help With These Temps Agencies For Construction Workers

1. Corporate Job Bank

At the top of our list of temp agencies for construction workers is Corporate Job Bank. Corporate Job Bank presents itself as the most reliable when it comes to hiring construction workers. This temp agency’s services are offered locally in Arizona. Moreover, Corporate Job Bank hires based upon the client’s values and alignment with each candidate. As long as your company has a solid goal in hiring the right employees, Corporate Job Bank will be able to help you the rest of the way in the hiring process.


Phone Number: (480) 966-0709

2.) Monster

Monster is an online employment company that helps employers find talented construction workers. Finding employees can be a tough process, but their goal is to find and produce quality candidates. As a result, this temp agency for construction workers can save you time and money throughout the hiring process.


Contact info:

3.) Trades Corp

Trades corp carefully evaluates their candidates through multi-step testing in order to ensure that businesses have experienced and skilled employees. This temp agency specifically specializes in only hiring for corporal companies in the valley. Therefore, they are masters in the niche that they hire in. On top of the reliability of this staffing agency, there is a pre-employment and background check offered as well. They guarantee outstanding service and performance while building strong long-lasting relationships.


Phone Number: 602-888-4888

4.) Minute Men Staffing Services

Minute Men helps many large construction companies find temp employees. For example, they helped supply Akron with a team of workers for demolition and complete teardown. Workers that are found through this staffing agency must have a well-rounded understanding of construction. Additionally, Minute Men gives back to the community, helping charities such as Coats for Kids, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and United Cerebral Palsy. Contact Minute Men for further inquiries.


Phone Number: 877-873-8856

5.) PeopleReady

If your company needs temp workers promptly, than PeopleReady may be for you. This temp agency for construction workers has a deep understanding of the construction business and its demanding standards. PeopleReady values your company goals and reasons for hiring and will match you with the best candidate in a timely manner. Furthermore, they specialize in matching employers with temp workers who are familiar with carpentry, drywall, welding, and much more.


Phone Number: 877-338-1039

If you have any other construction worker Tempe agency recommendations, please let us know! Contact us!

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