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Top 5 Temp Agencies for Electricians

Roll call for handy electricians! Keeping electricity running in large buildings is no easy task. A great electrician is always needed, and the easiest way to find a job is to join a temp agency. In addition to finding a staffing agency with industry connections and experience, be sure to select an agency that offers benefits and has industry experience. To help you find the best agency out there, here’s our list of the best temp agencies for electricians.

Help keep the power outages at bay with these temp agencies for electricians

1. Corporate Job Bank

A premier staffing agency with over 50,000 job placements, Corporate Job Bank will have you employed in no time. Above all, this temp agency will elevate your career with their extensive industry resources and professionalism. Particularly, Corporate Job Bank places each candidate based on his or her career goals, cultural fit, and performance expectations.

In addition to Corporate Job Bank’s efficient placement history, they offer benefits like paid sick leave and medical insurance. For additional information, contact Corporate Job Bank today.

Website: http://corporatejobbank.com/

Phone: (480) 966-0709

2. Premier Electrical Staffing

A recognized leader in electrical staffing, Premier Electrical is a trusted resource for both clients and contractors alike. For instance, this agency works with various companies for all levels of commercial and industrial electrical work. With their core values of reliability, safety, and quality, every worker is treated with respect at Premier Electrical Staffing. Likewise, they provide each individual with a competitive edge, ensuring success for their clients. 

Website: https://www.premierelectricalstaffing.com/

Phone: (678) 878-4900

3. Tekk Force

This Texas-based staffing company works nationwide to connect electricians to reliable jobs. Positions here include apprentice electricians and industrial electricians. With their no-fee application and commitment to safety, Tekk Force is one of the top temp agencies for electricians. In particular, their commitment to safety and community involvement give their service a personalized feel.

Website: http://tekkforce.com/

Phone: (817) 417-9800

4. Outsource

Outsource is the largest staffing agency in the nation. Likewise, their high-performance culture allows them to deliver unmatched speed and responsiveness. Filling over 20,000 placements a year, Outsource deploys crews from qualified technicians to low-voltage contractors. With their weekly payroll and 401(k) plan, electricians can start their path of success with Outsource.

Website: https://www.outsource.net/

Phone: (310) 640-8575  

5. Trades Corp Staffing

We wrap up this list with Trades Corp Staffing. Trades Corp is a leader in temporary electrical staffing due to their commitment to long-term relationships. Essentially, their timely placements have truly set them apart from their competitors. With two decades of experience, this staffing agency is an industry leader for electricians. Not only do they help place candidates in jobs, but Outsource also plays an active roll in the advancement of construction and labor communities. Essentially, they provide entry-level positions even for those with little experience.

Website: https://www.tradescorpstaffing.com/

Phone: (602) 888-4888

Land your next gig with one of the best temp agencies for electricians!

Don’t stay idle. Now is the time to take action and find the next job that will propel you toward success. For an easy future in your career, make sure to contact one of these qualified temp agencies.

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