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13 Instances of Harnessing AI to Streamline Repetitive Tasks

  Explore the insight of thirteen industry leaders and professionals as they share their experiences of harnessing the power of AI to streamline repetitive tasks. From CEOs to Operations Managers, their insights range from automating resume screening to adding pricing decision support. Dive in to discover the transformative power of AI in various business processes. … Read more

7 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Business Owner

Starting a business is an exciting time, but it’s also one that comes with a lot of challenges. To set your business up for success, it’s important to avoid some common issues. Let’s take a look at 7 mistakes new business owners often make — and more importantly, how you can avoid making them when … Read more

How Can a Staffing Agency Help With Workforce Planning?

Workforce Planning & Risks Workforce planning is a critical component of business operations, ensuring an organization has the proper amount of resources with the right capabilities to fulfill its objectives. Effective workforce planning involves defining goals, identifying internal and external factors such as anticipated growth, changes in technology and industry trends, or shifts in customer … Read more

13 Strategies to Boost Your Job Search in the New Year

From partnering with a professional recruiter to identifying your top transferable skills, find out 13 of the most effective job search strategies going into the new year. Contact a Professional Recruiter Treat Your Job Search Like a Sales Process Understand How ATS Filtering Works  Promote Your Achievements, Not Your Job Description Get Clear on Your … Read more

11 Courses To Boost Your Career Path

To help you identify the best courses that will accelerate your career path, we asked career coaches and HR managers for their best recommendations. From LinkedIn courses on networking, to Sales Training by David Sandler, there are several courses that you may look into to help boost your career development. Here are 11 courses to … Read more

11 Interview Tips to Make a Good Impression

To help you make a great first impression in a job interview, we asked hiring managers and experienced recruiters for their best tips – “What is one thing candidates should do in an interview to make a good impression?” From asking questions that show you are already invested, to displaying a positive attitude, there are … Read more

8 Great Questions For a One-on-One With a Manager

What is one great question an employee can ask in a one-on-one meeting with a manager?  We sought advice from CEOs and business managers for their best recommendations on what questions to ask your company’s leadership in a one-on-one meeting. From “How can I add more value to the business?” to “How can I improve … Read more