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7 Great Jobs That Require No Experience or Qualifications

The job market today can be tough due to the sheer amount of competition out there. A lot of employers are looking for only the best candidates to hit the ground running. That means they can be quick to dismiss anyone who does not have the experience necessary to compete. Luckily, there are plenty of jobs that require no experience or qualifications at all.

Take a look at seven great jobs that require no prior experience or degrees below.

Jobs That Require No Experience or Qualifications

  1. Publicity Relations Assistant

Average salary: $45,000

The average yearly salary of this position is $45,000 which is quite impressive given that it requires no previous experience at all. You do need to have some decent people skills and know how to write a good piece, of course. But there is a lot of room to learn and many people willing to coach you in the business. It is an interesting and exciting career that will be around for years to come.

  1. Office Administrator

Average salary: $38,000

Find success as an office administrator. Office administrators require little to no experience. In addition, the job requires simple skills that are easily acquired through on-the-job training. Even better, the average salary of an office administrator at $38,000. As an office administrator, you have the ability to gain valuable experience that can lead to a greater job opportunity.

  1. Medical Biller

Average salary: $37,000

A medical biller bridges the gap between the doctor’s office and the insurance companies by providing all necessary information over the phone. The average annual salary for this position is $37,000 – which is excellent for an entry-level job. It’s a solid entry into the industry and can lead to other positions down the road.

  1. Veterinary Assistant

Average salary: $30,000

A veterinary assistant does not need any prior experience in the field. The average yearly salary is a little over $30,000 a year on average. It’s an excellent option for students potentially looking to get into the field. Anyone who loves working with animals, however, would likely be a good fit. It’s a job that is essential in the industry, too, and offers good job security.

  1. Customer Service Representative

Average salary: $33,000

Customer service representatives are always in demand. As a result, the job market is not likely to shrink anytime soon. Customer service jobs can pay up to $33,000 a year and usually come with health benefits and paid time off. These jobs are excellent for entry into the workforce.

  1. Home Care Aide

Average salary: $20,000

A home care aide position does not require that you have prior experience. While the initial salary average is $20,000 a year, that number can increase dramatically depending on specific hours and schedule. This is a position that is an especially good fit for strong, healthy individuals who need a flexible schedule.

  1. Sales Account Assistant

Average salary: $41,000

As far as great jobs that require no experience or qualifications are concerned, Sales Account Assistant may yield the most profit. When you are in sales, you are eligible to earn a commission. That commission turns into a great surplus on your pay. This is an excellent opportunity in a competitive and rewarding field.

  1. Front Desk Receptionist

Average salary: $29,000

With an average base pay of right around $29,000, a role as a front desk receptionist is a great starting place for an administrative career. It’s one of many entry-level office jobs in which you can get experience in a high paced office setting. As a receptionist you’ll build customer service skills, as well as skills in organization and office coordination.

  1. Accounts Payable Clerk

Average salary: $36,000

An accounts payable clerk is one of many “no experience jobs” in the accounting industry that plays an important part in financial operations. Basically, he or she makes sure the company pays its bills and that those bills are the correct numbers. While some companies may require an associate’s degree, there are several opportunities available to those with just a high school degree and some knowledge of budgeting and accounting. Salary starts at around $36,000.

  1. Sales Representative

Average salary: $43,000

As a sales representative, you’ll help identify customer needs to bring them through the sales funnel. Sales reps need to have strong people skills and a thorough understanding of the company’s products or service. Although average pay is about $43,000 annually, many sales reps also earn commission. Don’t forget to prep for a competitive position with these great sales rep interview questions!

There are several jobs that require no experience or qualifications. However, as the saying goes “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” With Corporate Job Bank on your side, you can find work in either of these positions.

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