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Top 5 Temp Agencies for Labor Work

Hiring a general laborer on your own is a timely process. First of all, you have to post a job description, conduct interviews, and onboard them. This process can take months, will cost you money, and can even be stressful. Luckily, there’s an easier way to find the talent you need!

Partnering with a temp agency will make getting talented labor workers easy and even more cost-efficient! Below are the top five temp agencies for labor work. Find out which one you should partner with!

Partner With One of These Top Temp Agencies for Labor Work

1. Corporate Job Bank

Corporate Job Bank is our number one temp agency for labor work due to its cutting edge employer services. Their established recruiting network is the result of over thirty years of developing and fostering relationships and contacts in the state of Arizona. Partnering with Corporate Job Bank will ultimately save you time, money, and stress. Whether your company needs a temporary or temp-to-hire labor worker, this is the temp agency for you!

No matter what kind of labor or industrial positions need to be filled, Corporate Job Bank will provide you with the best customer service. With a professional approach, a timely response time, and a passion for your success, it’s no wonder they are number one.

To learn more about how Corporate Job Bank can help you, contact them today!


Phone: (480) 966-0709

2. Labor Finders

Labor Finders believes in placing trustworthy, skilled workers that suit your specific staffing needs. The result? You don’t have to worry about payroll or administrative burdens that come along with finding the right talent. Moreover, Labor Finders has over 200 offices nationwide that are locally owned and operated. That means you get help not from a large corporate staffing firm, but from a community-based agency that is dedicated to your success.


Phone: (480) 448-2664

3. Aerotek

Aerotek offers businesses flexible partnerships to meet your unique needs. They can provide contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire staffing solutions for your short term or long term requirements. For over three decades, Aerotek has successfully brought together great candidates with great employers.


Phone: 1-888-AEROTEK

4. People Ready

With over 640 locations across the United States, People Ready can help you get the labor talent you need on a local level. Moreover, they have the talent you need at a moment’s notice, whether it be general laborers or highly skilled personnel. Even if you need an employee on-demand, People Ready has your back. Otherwise, they can plan a staffing solution with you or provide you with a direct-hire placement. Their expertise, flexibility, and reliability make People Ready a top temp agency for labor work!


Phone: (877) 338-1039

5. Labor Works

Last but not least, Labor Works provides quality, screened employees at competitive rates. To do this, they guarantee you will have zero no-shows. If a worker doesn’t show up, they have to work for you for free for a full day! Additionally, they dispatch their employees in person, making sure they are clean, wearing the appropriate work apparel, and have the right attitude for the job. Moreover, they can supply laborers any time of day any day of the week.


Phone: (888) 791-5289

Contact One of These Temp Agencies for Labor Work Today!

With so many incredible temp agencies for labor work, you will surely get the talent you need when you need it. To learn more about one of these top agencies, contact one of them today!

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