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Plumbing Interview Questions to Ask Commercial Plumbers

Finding the right plumber for the job is no easy feat. Due to the specific nature of the job, questions like, “Tell me the last time you worked in a group project?” typically don’t yield the answers you need from a commercial plumber. Hiring a plumber is an investment you don’t want to lose on.

Interview questions should provide you in-depth answers on experience, licensing, and safety. Deciding what plumbing interview questions to ask can be a complicated process! But don’t let that scare you away. Here’s our comprehensive list of the best general questions to ask a commercial plumber for your organization.

Top plumbing interview questions to ask

What licensing do you have for this role?

The plumber your company hires should be a trained and licensed professional. Most states require a plumbing license before performing any plumbing jobs. Hiring an unlicensed plumber is not only risky but could cause damage to your workers, contractor, and company. So don’t take the risk! No matter what they tell you, do your thorough research and background checks before hiring a plumber.

What precautionary steps do you take when you complete a project?

This question is a great way to determine how a candidate applies their safety knowledge to protect themselves. Potential hires have the opportunity to speak about safety training courses they’ve completed as well as demonstrate their thought process when plumbing. Any commercial plumber you hire should also comply with any state regulations.

What is your technical experience background for this role?

Although applicants typically have their prior experiences highlighted on their resume, this question allows an interviewer to gain a more in-depth understanding of the actual work completed. Use this time to address any other questions you have about their work in previous roles, as prospective employees must further explain their qualifications.

What is the most challenging project you’ve worked on, and how did you complete it?

With this question, candidates have the opportunity to address their hardest project to date. Plus, it’s a great way to understand an applicant’s weaknesses and problem-solving ability. Can your plumber work well under pressure? How do they address dangerous situations they have not encountered before? Their responses will be an insightful answer on whether or not they will be the right fit, making this one of the best plumbing interview questions to ask.

What skills do you think a plumber should have?

This question forces the candidates to think about the general skills and knowledge a plumber should have. There are a few skills that should automatically be said, such as critical thinking and problem-solving. Other skills the interviewee provides as an answer include basic plumbing skills, technical knowledge of pipe fitting, safety awareness, and excellent physical skills, like hand-eye coordination and being able to manipulate small and delicate objects. These responses will give an insight into what the interviewee deems important.

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